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Presented awards to outstanding colleagues in June launch meeting

07 Jun 2023

June launch meeting presented awards to colleagues who performed well, established good relationships with clients and provided personalized solutions.

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Showcase homemade coffee equipment in HOTELEX Shanghai Exhibition

02 Jun 2023

Showcase homemade coffee equipment in HOTELEX Shanghai Exhibition, received high praise from guests for our products’ design and quality.

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How To Use French Press Coffee Maker To Make Coffee

18 May 2023

Take few minutes to use Ceramic French press coffee maker, goose-neck kettle, manual grinder to make aroma coffee follow the steps.

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Showcasing high-end coffee equipment in EXPO

21 Apr 2023

Come visit our booth to experience the world of specialty coffee brewing, discover latest high-end coffee equipment, enjoy the fun of homemade coffee.

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One week to go to Coffee Expo 2023

15 Apr 2023

We are going to showcase latest specialty coffee products at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2023, North America's largest specialty coffee trade show.

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Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

08 Apr 2023

Eran flew from Israel to China to have meeting with us, reached an agreement to sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel.

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Business trip to Saudi Arabia In March

01 Apr 2023

We had a business trip to Saudi Arabia in March, where they listened to customer feedback, showed new coffee equipment, explored future development.

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