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Founded in 2016, DHPO as a brand, was born from Donghan Ceramics in 2001.

The founder, Puyan, started his career in practical ceramics manufacturing. With his expertise in ceramics, we provided OEM and ODM services for early clients, including many well-known international brands.

Since then we have also pooled a wealth of practical experience, serving and assisting customers with not only design but also brand value-added services.

With over more than 10 years of accumulated experience, we have been constantly exploring the development path of the brand and as market competition continues to intensify, many phenomena such as homogeneous competition and price war have hindered many companies from continuing to develop.

In 2015, we faced the problem of how to get out of this predicament and position ourselves in the market effectively.

By in-depth research with many of our customers, we began to truly understand the various pain points of our customers. Such as lacking of professional solutions in the coffee making experience, product differentiation, branding, product exclusive sales, regional market protection and so on.

Based on our customer issues mentioned above, we established DHPO with a clear positioning as an innovative enterprise focusing on high-quality artisan aesthetic specialty coffee products. We have registered trademarks and multiple appearance and utility model patents, specifically providing personalized product matching and brand sales agent solutions for coffee equipment suppliers and the brand of specialty coffee chain shops. We hold to our belief that we should create our products with passion and work hard for this mission.

We always adhere to these customer-oriented values: creating a better life for customers; building limitless trust with customers; establishing cost-effectiveness and forging high value significance for customers. We aim to become the leader in artisan aesthetic specialty coffee products in the next three years, and present artisan aesthetic products and deluxe lifestyle experiences to many specialty coffee lovers.


We are currently developing DHPO distributors and agents worldwide

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