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Reunion in Shanghai as a New Starting Point for Our Collaborative Journey

29 Mar 2024

At the HOTELEX exhibition in Shanghai, we had the pleasure of meeting our customer Moe from Spain again. Our relationship originated at the American Coffee Show on April 21, 2023, and Moe, who was looking for a unique electric pour-over pot, did not find his favorite product design at the show. When Moe was about to leave Portland and return to Spain with some regrets, Moe got in touch with us through the introduction of the person in charge of the exhibition, and laid the groundwork for the trip to Shanghai. This meeting in Shanghai was an important business negotiation for both parties and opened a new chapter in our partnership.

On May 29, 2023, the weather in Shanghai was pleasant and sunny. In this dynamic city, the HOTELEX exhibition, the grand event of the coffee industry, is in full swing. Moe is a high-end customer with a keen eye for coffee-related shows. He knows that this is not only a great opportunity to expand the market, but also an important way for him to lead the company into new products.

Reunion in Shanghai as a New Starting Point for Our Collaborative Journey

Moe was raved by the exquisite design of our electric pour-over pot and double-walled ceramic coffee mug CM80-01A, and showed great interest in the price of the product. He thinks the designs are unique, innovative and refreshing. Moe also spoke highly of the quality of our range of products, saying, "There are a lot of products in this show, but your product positioning is very clear. "We are honored to have such an evaluation.

Reunion in Shanghai as a New Starting Point for Our Collaborative Journey

In the second meeting, we introduced the product style in detail and showed him our brand culture and introduction. Moe had an in-depth understanding of the features and innovations of our products and expressed his desire to take an in-depth tour of our company. Although he was unable to visit our company due to some matters to be attended, this did not affect the process of cooperation between us. After returning to Spain, Moe maintained close communication with us. After three months of project communication, we solved the customer's problems about the price, sample test of our three double-layer cups CM80-01A, TPA150-01A, TPA230-01A. The customer asks "can your products pass the food safety test?" "Of course, we have 22 years of experience in the ceramic industry, we can assist you to find a testing agency in China, or we can send you a sample and find a testing agency in Spain to test". In the end, we sent him a sample for testing and successfully obtained the food safety certification, and Moe's team is very happy with the results. So, in September 2023, they decided to start their first collaboration with us.

Behind this cooperation is MOE's recognition of our beautiful products, innovative design, premium quality and our company. At the same time, it is also a process of discussion and deepening mutual understanding with our customers. In the near future, Moe will come back to our company and discuss the topic of product structure.

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Originally published 29 Mar 2024, updated 29 Mar 2024.

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