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To present artisan aesthetic products and deluxe lifestyle experiences to specialty coffee lovers.


To become the leader in artisan aesthetic specialty coffee products in the next three years.


Innovation for Beauty: creating a better life for customers with products made with love and benevolence.

Quality for Trust: building limitless trust with customers by pushing ordinary things to the their highest form with benevolence and artisan spirit.

Cost-effectiveness: establishing high cost-performance for customers with benevolence by optimizing design, reducing waste, improving procurement, and enhancing efficiency with a care for society and strong social values.

Branding for Significance: forging high value significance for customers and making a national label with benevolence.


An innovative enterprise focusing on high-quality artisan & aesthetic specialty coffee products.

DHPO Brand Meaning

Deluxe, Healthy, Personalized, Original - our products bring people deluxe value, healthy lifestyle, personalized needs, and harmony with nature.

Brand Image

A modern coffee product expert;

A fusion of deluxe, simplicity, specialty and practical aesthetics;

Artisan manufacturing techniques that present beauty;

The ultimate combination of multiple materials to create unique products and a differentiated market image.

Brand Tone

deluxe, simplicity and personalized design.

Brand Slogan

Affordable luxury coffee ware, bring you excellent coffee brewing experience.

We are currently developing DHPO distributors and agents worldwide

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