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A Cross-country Journey Originated in Portland

25 Mar 2024

On April 21, 2023, Portland was bustling with activity, and the Specialty Coffee EXPO exhibition was in full swing. Coffee lovers and industry elites from all over the world gathered together to share the beauty of coffee. Among them, there is one figure that stands out in particular, and that is Moe from Spain. The purpose of his trip was clear - to find an electric pour-over kettle that could meet his needs for new product development. However, after three days of shopping, Moe did not find the electric pour-over pot he wanted. It's not that he's not dissatisfied with the products on the market, but he hopes to find a more designed and differentiated product. Just as Moe was about to leave Portland and return home with some regrets, a chance meeting with the person in charge of the SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPO at the Swiss airport brought him new hope. When the person in charge learned of Moe's demand, he immediately recommended a DHPO electric pour-over pot he saw at the exhibition, and told him the contact information of the supplier of this product. That's how Moe got in touch with us, and we had a video conference with both of us. In the video conference, we showed our electric pour-over pot to the customer, and the customer said, "Your product is really unique, it can combine stainless steel and walnut handles, this combination makes this product look more high-end and different, I really want to use it on the spot." Finally, we agreed to meet Moe at the HOTELEX exhibition in Shanghai in the near future, and we will continue to write about our relationship.

A Cross-country Journey Originated in Portland

This encounter can be said to be fateful. Although Moe didn't meet us directly at the show in Portland, fate allowed him to finally find the electric pour-over kettle he wanted. This experience not only allowed Moe to find a satisfactory product, but also made us feel the enthusiasm and trust from Spain. As a result, the cooperation between the two sides has become closer and deeper.

A Cross-country Journey Originated in Portland

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Originally published 25 Mar 2024, updated 25 Mar 2024.

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