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Business and Passion Collide Again

17 May 2024

In October 2023, when Moe visited our headquarters for the first time, we noticed that he will regularly visit major exhibitions around the world and will also attend the Dubai Coffee Show in 2024. We coordinated the meeting time with him in advance, and on January 23, 2024, we met Moe in a coffee corner of the coffee expo and had an in-depth communication.

During this meeting, we also brought some samples with us during this trip, we showed the new series of Aurora XT Luggage Coffee Kit CS600-02A to the customer. When the he saw our sample, he exclaimed: "This product design is a breakthrough, the concept of combining a pour-over coffee maker and a trolley case is very innovative, and the combination of the King Electric Grinder CH13A makes the whole design a notch, which is very suitable for coffee lovers who love to travel." At the same time, Moe not only shared the product series and market trends they are selling, but also provided us with valuable information about the styles of coffee sets of other brands, such as "At present, the color of the filter cup in the European market is still mainly black and white, and young people now prefer light colors, and light pink can be ranked in the third promotion order".

Business and Passion Collide Again

During this process, we also discussed the customer's project plans for 2024, and Moe asked us to assist in the development of a new product line for pitcher cup, as well as testing the latest filter paper and matching bowls. In addition, based on the recognition of our R&D strength and the eco-friendly display design we saw at the Shanghai HOTELEX Coffee Show, the customer asked us to design a 3x6 meter exhibition display for it, thinking that the display rack with such a design is convenient, environmentally friendly and reusable.

Business and Passion Collide Again

Regarding product recommendations, Moe emphasized, "When it comes to the dripper, mass balance is key. As an industry expert, we need to consider the matching of the dripper texture with the flow rate of the paper filter, especially for the Japanese market, where taste is critical." After communicating with Moe, we were able to develop our new Ceramic V60 Dripper CD600-11A after returning to China, which can effectively help coffee lovers control the flow rate of water and coffee liquid, and at the same time make the paper filter and the ceramic dripper more conformable.

For new electric products, he suggests, "If you want to sell this product in the European market, you need to obtain European certifications such as CE and ROHS before marketing it." This suggestion is very important to us, and we have obtained KC certification for this product in the Korean market, and CE and ROHS certificates are in the process of applying.

In terms of Coffee EXPO, Moe suggested that we take an international view and focus on innovation to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. For region-specific exhibitions such as Japan and Europe, he provided accurate market positioning and exhibition strategies, and believed that the German exhibition was very suitable for the display of our brand, and suggested that we should visit the exhibition first and then make a decision.

After the communication, we also invited Moe to have dinner together, and we also talked a lot over dinner, we discussed the industry trends, and Moe also shared practical experience of overseas business trips.

This in-depth communication with Moe makes us look forward to the future cooperation, and also clarifies our development direction and strategy in the international market. In the near future, Moe will visit our headquarters again and continue to write our chapter.

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Originally published 17 May 2024, updated 17 May 2024.

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