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An Unexpected Encounter

28 May 2024

On April 22, 2024, we met Mohammed dramatically for the first time in the crowded Canton Fair. In the process of chatting, we learned that he from Oman and came to China for the first time, and the purpose of this purchase was actually to buy some products from other industries. When we enthusiastically introduced him to our coffee products, Mohammed gradually rekindled his enthusiasm for coffee products and was happy to share his story with us. He is a coffee lover, and he used to sell some ordinary coffee sets, but there are many local sellers imitated him and found cheaper suppliers from China to buy coffee sets. Then he faced the dilemma of price war, it’s hard for him to develop the business. So he gave up the business of selling coffee sets. This time he saw that our product designs were very unique, and he wanted to visit our showroom if had the chance. When he saw our e-catalog, he suddenly remembered that he had communicated with Kenny four years ago about some coffee set projects, what a wonderful fate! Maybe it was the arrangement of God that made us meet again.

We met for the second time on April 30th, and it was such a lucky day! Mohammed suddenly said that he had just returned to Guangzhou and could bring 2 friends to visit our showroom in the afternoon. Our team warmly greeted and accompanied them, and in our in-depth communication, we learned that he had purchased ordinary coffee sets from other suppliers because he wanted to find a low price, but the whole Oman market was selling the same products, and everyone was comparing prices, which made it difficult for him to compete with other sellers, so this time he wanted to buy some high-end and unique coffee sets. DHPO products meet his needs and help him differentiate his products locally. He took a video of the product in our showroom and shared it with his fans in Oman. Immediately we received a lot of positive feedback from him fans, and even some fans asked: "Why didn't you come to China earlier to source these unique products?”

Through the patient explanation of the product, he also interacted with the local fans in Oman, and won the recognition and order support of many fans in just one or two hours. This rekindled his enthusiasm and confidence in the coffee industry, and he also saw new hope and confidence.

In the end, Mohammed selected several of our products in the showroom and confirmed, one of which was our new product Aurora XT Luggage Coffee Kit CS600-02A, which he took directly to the hotel that night. Because our product is combined with a 24-inch trolley bag, which can meet the conditions for getting on the plane, after participating in the Canton Fair, Mohammed took our trolley bag back to Oman. Before leaving our showroom, Mohammed said: "Thank you very much for meeting us by chance at the Canton Fair, he had the opportunity to come to our company, your product design is very unique, very high-end quality, which can help us avoid homogeneous competition in the market, I didn't come to purchase coffee wares, after checking your product design, let me regain confidence and continue to work hard in this field." I will start to promote the product when I go back this time, and I hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.”

An Unexpected Encounter

This order is just the beginning of our cooperation, our service will never stop, and we will continue to help clients make the business better and better, and continue our story together.

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Originally published 28 May 2024, updated 28 May 2024.

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