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King Electric Grinder CH13A

Introducing the DHPO electric coffee grinder, it comes with high quality space aluminum, matched with 7 axis stainless steel conical burr which can help grinder the coffee bean consistancy and evenly. Rechargeable function can make the grinder more portable and easy to use.

King Electric Grinder CH13A Black


King Electric Grinder CH13A Gray


King Electric Grinder CH13A Blue


Elevate your coffee experience with the DHPO Coffee Grinder, a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

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Name: King Electric Grinder

Model: CH13A

Color: Black, Gray, Blue

Material: Space aluminum, walnut, SUS420 stainless steel

Size: D135 x H248 mm (D5.3" X H9.7")

Capacity of powder bin: 30G

Support to grinder coffee powder for espresso, pour over coffee, french press coffee, moka coffee and turkish coffee

Certificates: CE certificates

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