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Enthusiastic Talk to Open a New Chapter of Cooperation

19 Apr 2024

In October 2023, the Spanish customer Moe had a third meeting with us. We last met at the HOTELEX Exhibition in Shanghai 4 months ago. This time Moe came to our headquarters. This meeting was not only an opportunity for the two sides to further deepen understanding and trust, but also a fruitful exchange and cooperation.

Moe is an experienced and friendly Spanish entrepreneur with a keen interest and extensive experience in the coffee industry. His company has a good reputation in the Spanish and European markets, and he himself is always looking for partners to explore new opportunities in the coffee market. When we learned that Moe was planning to go to China, we invited him to visit our headquarters for a more in-depth exchange and to help with all aspects. Moe happily accepted the invitation and arrived on time on October 5th. At 10 a.m., we arranged for a vehicle to pick up Moe and prepared a warm welcome for him. Moe was very pleased with our hospitality. During this meeting, Moe visited various departments of the company, including the showroom, and had an in-depth exchange with the founder, Puyan, about the market and products.

Moe is a very good sharer, and he shared with us how his company has grown from a small warehouse to now a large, orderly warehouse, as well as some details of their sales model and company. At the same time, he also shared a lot of information about the coffee market and product development suggestions. In addition, Moe also raised an important topic, he wanted to modify the internal structure of the double-layer cup TPA230-01A according to the existing vessel type, so as to make the product more professional. Customer feedback: "This structure is a popular style in our Spanish market, and the cups that everyone uses in the coffee shop are all of this structure, can you change the internal structure of the current cup?" Of course, we have been in the ceramics industry for 23 years, and we have done this structure before. Through the collaboration of our engineering and production departments, the samples were finally met by MOE the first time.

This meeting allowed us to get to know each other better and strengthened our sense of trust. In addition to deeper exchanges and a greater sense of trust between the two sides, the meeting also brought other important benefits. First of all, through Moe's visit and exchange, we learned about his needs and the problems that we needed to help solve. This allows us to better understand the needs of our customers and provide them with a more targeted service.

Thank you for your trust and visit. In the future, we will continue to maintain close contact with our customers and explore more cooperation opportunities together. We believe that through continuous cooperation and efforts, we will bring more innovative and high-quality products to the coffee market. In January 2024, we will meet for the fourth time at the World Coffee Show in Dubai.

Enthusiastic Talk to Open a New Chapter of Cooperation

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Originally published 19 Apr 2024, updated 19 Apr 2024.

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