At DHPO, we take pride in our coffee and tea wares that are Deluxe in craftsmanship, Harmonious in aesthetics, Personalized in options, and Original in creativity. These four pillars serve as the foundation of our brand and drive our unwavering commitment to producing exceptional products that exude elegance, achieve a synergy between artistry and functionality, cater to individual preferences, and foster a culture of innovation.

About DHPO
Pu Yan

Pu Yan

DHPO's founder, Puyan, use what he has learned in his profession, started his career in practical ceramics manufacturing in 2001 and provided OEM and ODM services for well-known international brands.

The intensified market competition, homogeneous competition, price wars and many other phenomena have inspired him to establish DHPO with a clear positioning as an innovative enterprise focusing on high-quality artisan aesthetic specialty coffee products.

He always adheres to customer-oriented values - creating a better life for customers.

He aims to become the leader in artisan aesthetic specialty coffee products in the next three years.

Coffee Ware

Deluxe • Artisan & Aesthetic • Modern

French Press Coffee Maker

Original • Multi-functional • Harmonious

Tea Ware

Personalized • High-Quality • Simplicity

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Coffee Ware

French Press Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee Set

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Moka Pot

Turkish Pot

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Coffee Canister

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Tea Ware

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Tea Mug

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