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Climber Tea Set TPA600-12A

Climber Tea Set TPA600-12A

Introducing the Listening teapot, a classic and essential teaware for tea lovers. This versatile and functional teapot is specifically designed for brewing loose leaf tea. This infuser comes with large opening, so it’s very easy to brew loose leaf tea. The stainless steel tea infuser is extra-fine, no leaves or small particles floating. It comes with ergonomically designed walnut wooden handle provides you with a comfortable grip without burning your hands.


Cappuccino Coffee Cup CM230-01A

Cappuccino Coffee Cup CM230-01A

Nest Tea Pot TPA600-10A

Nest Tea Pot TPA600-10A

Cappuccino Coffee Cup CM230-01A

Color: Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

Material: Ceramic cup

Size: D70*H78 MM (D2.75" X H3")

Capacity: 230ml (7.8 oz)

Nest Tea Pot TPA600-10A

Color: Black, Navy, Tiffany Blue, Bean Red, Blue Gray, Green Gray, Gray, Green, Orange, Dark Orange, Yellow, White, Dark Yellow, Purple

Material: Ceramic pot + Wooden lid & handle + stainless steel infuser

Size: D110*H100MM (D4.3" X H3.9")

Capacity: 600ml (20.3 oz)

Elevate your tea experience with the DHPO teapot tea cup set, a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

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