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A Heartfelt Encounter Across Borders with Brazilian Coffee Experts

18 Mar 2024

On March 12, 2024, the sun was shining brightly, as if laying out a golden path for the three Brazilian guests who had traveled from afar. This visit marked their first time on Chinese soil since the end of the pandemic. Their last visit to China was a decade ago, and they expressed how much China has transformed in these ten years, from the urban environment to the people. Previously, fluent English speakers were rare, and hiring a translator was necessary for communication with suppliers. However, now more and more Chinese people can speak English fluently. The cityscape has also completely changed from ten years ago, with numerous skyscrapers rising rapidly, showcasing the rapid pace of development in China.

Coming from the country that nurtures some of the world's finest coffee beans, they have a deep passion and dedication for coffee. After getting an initial understanding of our company, we led the clients on a tour of our showroom. While examining our products, they remarked, "The product design of your brand is truly unique. We haven't seen anything like it in the market. You've done an excellent job with ceramics, combining them with other materials to showcase the uniqueness of your products. Seeing the quality of your products and personally touching them allows us to understand the positioning and tone of your brand, which is high-end. I suggest opening an offline coffee experience center in Brazil, allowing customers to experience and use your brand's products firsthand. This will help in better spreading the brand."

Later, the clients generously used our new electric grinder and ceramic sharing pot to brew Brazilian-style hand drip coffee and imparted knowledge about coffee beans. While using the grinder, they raised a question that many would ask: "Can this grinder CH13A grind coffee powder finer, like flour?" "Yes, it can. Our electric grinder uses a 7-star stainless steel conical titanium-coated blade and an external adjustable regulator, suitable for hand drip coffee, Americano, espresso, etc." Finally, the clients expressed that this product is innovative. The portable design of this grinder makes it very convenient. They were also pleased to see that we use the best materials and components in developing our products, providing a unique coffee brewing experience for all coffee enthusiasts.

A Heartfelt Encounter Across Borders with Brazilian Coffee Experts

As night fell, a warm dinner brought us closer to our clients. We warmly invited them to taste the cuisine from southern China. Initially, we were concerned that they might not be accustomed to it, but their enjoyment and surprise brought us great joy. Especially with our Yangzhou fried rice, the clients mentioned that rice is also a staple in Brazil, but tonight's fried rice was exceptionally delicious. After everyone stopped eating, one of the clients said, "Is no one eating? Then I'll finish it!" To our surprise, they even learned how to use chopsticks!

In the pleasant atmosphere, we discussed the relationships between businesses, employees, and clients. The clients wholeheartedly agreed that a good company should appreciate its employees because only when employees and clients grow together can a company thrive. This philosophy of prioritizing customer success and employee growth is at the core of our brand's values.

A Heartfelt Encounter Across Borders with Brazilian Coffee Experts

Time flies, and gatherings are always brief. As we bid farewell, the clients expressed that whether it's between buyers and suppliers, employees and companies, or any other relationship, having shared values is essential for long-term development. This encounter deeply impressed them with our team's enthusiasm and dedication and filled them with confidence and anticipation for our brand.

Finally, we want to thank these three guests who traveled from afar. Their visit not only brought us valuable business opportunities and insights into Brazilian-style hand drip coffee brewing techniques but also allowed us to experience different cultures with shared values. We also understand that every encounter is a kind of fate. We look forward to meeting them again in Brazil next time to continue writing our heartfelt coffee and soulful stories.

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Originally published 18 Mar 2024, updated 18 Mar 2024.

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