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The Road to Win-win Cooperation

29 Apr 2024

Our relationship with Petri and Henrik began with a chance search at the Canton Fair. They were attracted to our unique and high-quality product design and came to us. This is a wonderful fate for us, and it is also the beginning of the road to win-win cooperation.

In our first video conference on February 1, 2024, we gained insight into our customers' needs. They are eager to find unique and high-quality products to offer to the end consumer. "Low-quality, ordinary, low-cost products were available 10 years ago, but now people have quality of life requirements, and the old ways don't work anymore," the customer said. "This resonates with us and is one of the reasons why our company decided to transform and establish DHPO to help our customers avoid homogeneous competition and price wars with altruism by providing unique and high-quality products and services.

In order to let customers better understand our products, we quickly sent samples. After 7 days of shipping, the customer finally received the sample. After 3 days of testing, they were very satisfied with our products. They believe that our products are unique in design and high quality, which is very different from ordinary products in the market. This is a great encouragement for us and a testament to the recognition of our efforts. At the same time, the customer said that he would come to participate in the spring Canton Fair in China, and we will meet in April.

The Road to Win-win Cooperation

On April 24, 2024, on the second day of the Spring Canton Fair, we had the pleasure of meeting this Swedish customer again at the Canton Fair. They came to look for new designs for the gift industry, and also wanted to visit suppliers in China. We were honored to meet them and show them around our headquarters to introduce them to our corporate culture and development. Petri and Henrik recognize our altruistic spirit and mission.

During the experience of the products in the showroom, Petri said, "Pour-over coffee is a new market in Sweden, and most citizens are not very good at making pour-over coffee, so after the experience, our mission is to teach all Swedish people how to brew a good cup of hand-ground coffee with the XS Pour Over Coffee Maker Set CZ-26A." "In the process of testing the product, some products have the problem of salivation, can your company solve this problem?" This is a problem with the ceramic process, because the ceramic spout is thicker, unlike glass and stainless steel products, ceramic products need to be demolded, so we need to design the spout like this, but also consider the aesthetics of our products, currently our team is optimizing this kind of products, in order to be able to solve this problem, we combine ceramic and stainless steel materials, such as our new King Duke Ceramic French Press CPA800-06B, which is also one of the selling points of this product. ”

The Road to Win-win Cooperation

Subsequently, we led the customer to taste the traditional Chinese cuisine, and the warm and hospitable attitude left a deep impression on the customer. As night falls, we look forward to further cooperation with our customers to create a better future together.

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Originally published 29 Apr 2024, updated 29 Apr 2024.

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