Why Do We Want to Develop A Ceramic French Press?

Today I would like to share the reason why we want to develop a ceramic French press?

Firstly, we have been in ceramic industry for more than 19 years, and it’s always a pleasure to watch humble clay change into fine arts. Ceramic making processes are mainly by hand, it’s with water and fire, and ceramic will be shrank during baking, so it can’t be completely controllable no matter how experienced we are. It’s even harder to make ceramic French press because we need to ensure its goodness of fit to SLS plunger. But that’s also the beauty of ceramic products, isn’t it? Even they are made together, every single piece comes out slightly different.

Secondly, ceramic is a very eco-friendly material, and it’s the best material for coffer&tea brewing. High-fired ceramic perfectly withstands high temperature, so it serves for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance. Moreover, ceramic body ensures an insulated consistent temperature through the brewing process compared with glass one. So it will be a pity if ceramic French press is denied due to its limit on production. Although it’s challenging, our team decided to upgrade it. With 2 years effort, we’ve made a breakthrough in our production technology and even developed our own quality 304 SLS plunger. 2 years, only hope to bring better French press coffee brewing experience for coffee lovers^^

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