What’s the Advantage of DHPO French Press Coffee Maker?

This black matt french press coffee maker is designed and manufactured by DHPO.

DHPO–“DH” derives from “BODHI”, representing “ENLIGHTENMENT”; PO is the abbreviation of “POT”.
In the spirit of altruism and gratitude to the blessed resources, BODHI is driven by the mission of creating a better life for the society.
With the design concept of “Less is More”and “Sense and Simplicity”, we pay great attention to the combination of practicality and aesthetics of life, devoting to using natural, healthy and eco-friendly materials to design and make simple, fashionable yet functional drinkware.
DHPO wishes to offer users a moment of enlightment through our pots and their peripheral products, making people’s life healthier and better.

So what’s the advantages of DHPO french press coffee maker?

BEST FRENCH PRESS ARE CERAMIC! Firstly, french press coffee maker with wooden handle and lid is made of ceramic material. Because this material is the best for brewing speciality coffee. Moreover, high-fired ceramic perfectly withstands high temperatures. So it serves for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance.

EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE RETENTION. The ceramic body, made of high quality stoneware, is sure to keep your drink warm or cold holding the temperatures longer than in glass or stainless steel.

EXTRA-FINE 304 STAINLESS STEEL PLUNGER. In order to ensure great use experince, we developed a new plunger using high quality 304 stainless steel. It’s quite different from the ones on market currently. And extra fine mesh screen prevents coffee sediments from escaping. Thus, it is perfect for brewing fresh pot of delicious coffee or tea!

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