travel infuser mug

Why Do I Prefer This Amazing Travel Infuser Mug?

When you are travelling, a cup of your desired beverage on hand always can keep you energetic! Just add what you like into the infuser inside, you favorite drinking will be already after a few minutes. At this moment, choosing a good travel infuser mug is of great importance.

Some time, if the infuser is not good enough, the loose-leaf tea may easily get into your mouth when sipping. Or the water will cold down just in a few hours due to the bad insulated function. So how could we find out the best travel infuser mug for ourselves? Here you may find out the answers:

travel infuser mug

Travel Infuser Mug

Elegant exterior and soft-touch body

With matte marble finish surface, the mug is more easier to hold and carry on the go. Besides, each of them is unique so you can see that there texture is really special and attractive! When you are not use it, it also can be a great decoration.

Double walled for insulation

Whenever you use it, this double-walled  travel infuser mug are able to keep your drink hot or cold. Even it can stay warm for 12 hours. I really appreciate this function because I can always drink my hot herb tea and help me save time in brewing!

Multi-Functional storage in the body

Generally speaking, we need to take a small canister for herbs or loose tea leaves when go outdoors. However, this separated structure of the mug body can help saving the space of your backpack or luggage. Also, you can use it as a coaster for infuser after brewing!

Actually, the body of the mug consists of two pieces.

Of course, you can remove the strainer inside the mug. Just take it as a normal water bottle or coffee travel mug. s

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travel infuser mug

travel infuser mug

travel infuser mug