The Advantage of DHPO 304 Stainless steel Coffee French Press

We have developed a series of 304 stainless steel french presses. There are several advantages compared with common french press in the market.

1. 304 SLS material both inner wall and outer wall(most factories use 201 SLS for outer wall to save costs);
2. 0.8mm thick wall(mostly 0.3mm);
3. sandblasting matt black finish(not easy to come off or scratched, others use electroplating craft);
4. combined with wooden lid and handle, appearing more eye-catching, special and high-end;
5. add a hourglass timer, making fun and improveing the overall experience of coffee brewing.

Why we choose to go in this direction? Firstly, we live in a fast paced society, and we need to process explosive information everyday. We want to help users enjoy a small period of peaceful time to refresh with our minimalistic looking and functional coffee wares and tea wares. Secondly, we believe a beautifully designed yet functional drinkware can help people develop healthy drinking habit. You know why? Do you have this kind of experience? When we are using our favorite mug for drink, we will always end up with drinking more than usual because it always appeals us to use it, right? So we attach great importance to the combination of practicality and aesthetics when we are developing DHPO designs. Let’s spend a little time on making a cuppa freshly brewed and healthy coffee everyday.

If you are interested, feel free to click here for more information about our french press designs.