Perfect curve manual grinder design for coffee addict

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A practical and beautiful perfect curve manual grinder must be constantly looked for by the coffee lovers. So if you don’t have one, you may try this one. It will never disappoint you!

Perfect curve manual grinder

Perfect curve manual grinder

It looks like a beauty with perfect figure. Actually, the Perfect curve maunal grinder in this design is much more comfortable to be held in hand. And the ergonomic curve gives not only a visual feast but wonderfully holding experience.

Seven colors give you more choices! Perfect curve manual grinderPerfect curve manual grinder

Pick up any one you like for yourself, present or selling in your shop! For yourself, you have in a lot of work in you daily time, owing this will take you into a very peaceful and enjoyable manual brewing coffee time. Thus, you will get a good relax! For the present, you can take it as a good gift for your love ones. This perfect curve manual grinder comes with a very luxurious EVA box. You will never be afraid of losing face! For selling, this product is one of our DHPO best sellers. Good looking and good quality suit every aspect of your life.

Let’s see more details about it!

Perfect curve manual grinder

Product advantages:

Professional & Mini-Pure steel burr is processed by 6-axis CNC. The outer body is All-aluminum, and internal structure is stainless steel material. Double bearing central axis positioning provides uniform grinding.

12clicks range of grind settings— DHPO grinder has a scale adjustment design. You can adjust the scale according to your own grinding needs to meet the desired taste (from super coarse to fine) for Espresso and French Press Coffee.

Self-locking and foldable-DHPO manual coffee grinder adopts a folding structure design, self-locking and foldable handle. It is easy to carry and store, so you can put it in a handbag or backpack, allowing you to enjoy a cup of hand-ground coffee during the journey.

Non-slip and easy-the matte black design provides excellent non-slip performance for the coffee Perfect curve maunal grinder , and adopts an ergonomic and comfortable design to make grinding easier, time-saving and energetic, and allowing you to enjoy the time of grinding coffee.

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Let’s see how to use it!

Perfect curve manual grinder


It is an indispensable tool in manual brewing coffee!Perfect curve manual grinderPerfect curve manual grinder

This is the end of our manual grinder. Let’s expect more DHPO new products!