Merry Christmas in advance!  We wish you a happy New Year! ^_^

What’s the best Christmas present give to lovers? Secretly make a wish that Santa Claus will give you to me on Christmas. ^_^Are you still worried about  what presents to give to your lovers, family or friends? Let me solve this problem.^_^

Santa Claus is a person with mysteriy who gives good children gifts every Christmas Eve. On December 24ths, this secret person drives Nine deers sled to each familes, entering houses from the chimneys quietly and foisted into the sockings hanging on good kids’ beds or placing under the Christmas tree beside the fireplace. traditionally, he was called santa claus.

At the North Pole, Elves (the tundra’s natural high-speed workers) are barely allow to drink coffee. Why? You might ask. Well, we’ve got two words for you: Spontaneous Combustion.

On the other hand, Reindeer always get a special strong brew of coffee on Christmas Eve. Legend says it’s the magic ingredient that helps them fly!

Contrary to popular belief, Santa doesn’t simply drink every cup of milk left out for him on Christmas Eve. And he pours them into his barrel sized thermos of coffee – how else did he suppose to make it through the night?

Who knew coffee was such a magical part of Christmas?  DHPO also knows coffee wares were such a magical part of Christmas gifting option! Sending specialty coffee wares, such as french press, pour over, cold brew coffee maker or just coffee mug as a gift for coffee lovers with Merry Christmas, make this Christmas amazing because of aroma of coffee!