How to Cold Steep Tea in Loose Tea Infuser Cup?

In a Hot day, a cuppa of cold drinking can definitely ease your mood. Some people may prefer the full-bodied of cold brew coffee, while cold steep tea have another flavor! Have you ever try a cold steep tea in your loose tea infuser cup?

Since there is no hot water brewing, the tea leaves are extracted much slower. And it maybe the reason why the tea will taste less astringent and bitter, which makes you feel more refreshing. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry too much about the amount of tea leaves or the time of tea steeping.

If you asked me, which type of tea leaves are suitable for cold brewing? I would be happy to tell you that you can enjoy any tea type in loose tea infuser cup. But the tea steeping time is depended on its type and the flavor you prefer. During brewing, just experiment with cold steeping teas yourself to see if you like it or not.

Guidelines of Cold Steep Tea in Loose Tea Infuser Cup

Before steeping, you need to prepare what you may need below:

  • a loose tea infuser cup
  • loose-tea of your choice
  • cold water or room temperature
  • optional: flavoring (ie. fresh fruit, herbs,etc)

Step one: Place tea leaves into your loose tea infuser mug. When you choose a larger infuser inside, the tea leaves will have enough room to release all their flavor.

Step two: Pour 2 cups(optional) of cold water into your tea infuser cup. Then you can add slices of fruit or herbs into it. After that, you can cover the lid and place in the refrigerator and the time will be 8 to 12 hours normally.

Step three: After cold steeping, taste test your cold steep tea to see if it’s to your liking! If you think it was steeping for too long and is now too strong, simply mix in more cold water. When it is perfect, you can remove the infuser and enjoy it!

Of course! You can choose a teapot with infuser for steeping for a big group! If you are looking for loose tea infuser mug or teapot, you can find them here~

tea infuser cup

tea infuser cup