Why Do I Prefer This Porcelain Infuser Teapot?

If you brewing a cup of sweet tea, you may get good mood from enjoying it! No matter when you are at office or home, this porcelain infuser teapot will help you a lot for brewing. Today, let’s kind of talk about it~

Honestly speaking, I do love this fabulous infuser teapot for its lager capacity and considerable design. With 800ml capacity, it’s convenient for making three or four large cups of loose-leaf tea at a time. And its lager grip ensures enough space when holding it, giving pleasure experience for you! Perfect for great relaxation after dinner setting.

matte porcelain teapot

High quality infuser teapot

Actually, it is not difficult for you to distinguish the quality of infuser teapot. When you judging from its whiteness and glossiness, you will find out the good one will be more whiter and glossier. Infuser teapot form DHPO is made of quality raw material and its firing temperature reach or even more than 1280 degree centigrade , which makes appear more glossy and attractive.

Furthermore, It’s durable and will never break down even after years of use if being taking good care. It’s ideally for tea lovers who want to make sure there are no elements that could impart a flavor to your tea.Ideal for loose-leaf teas brewing

With extra-fine strainer inside, this porcelain teapot is suitable for all sorts of loose-leaf tea such as green teas, Oolong teas and black teas.

To begin with, pick your favorite loose-leaf tea and put it into the I infuser teapot. Then, pour boiled water into it gently. During the brewing process, it will take minutes at most cases. When your tea has the desired intensity, remove the infuser from your tea or you can pour it into other container.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Not only perfectly matching with various kinds of teas, it also help you save time in cleaning. You can just rinsing it out or hand washing with soapy water. Although dish-washer safety it is, it may break accidentally and cause unpleasing experience. Of course, harsh metalic wash tools can be used, that’s really a disaster.

If you are looking for suitable infuser teapot for brewing, you can click here for more information~