What You “Tea” In A Day with Infuser Teapot Set?

Everyday when I am doing work in the office or on the go, I will brew my tea along. But I am not interested in packed teabag but loose-leaf tea. This weekend was a bit different, guess how my steeping adventure would be with infuser teapot set?

From early morning to night, what I always “tea” in a day can be vary from the tea I lover as below:

9:00 a.m.: Light Black Tea

Usually, I prefer a cup of light black tea in the early morning without milk or sweetener. Firstly, just put some loosen tea leaves into the infuser teapot and inject boiled water. After a few minutes, the tea leaves will get enough desired strength and turn into color you want. Then you can enjoy your favorite black tea time!

fall infuser teapot set2:00p.m.: Fire Roasted Oolong Tea

In the afternoon, I do need something to refresh my mind after nap time. Whatever using a infuser teapot set or infuser tea mug, it can help brewing a perfect tea. If you ever try this kind of tea, you will find that it is more smooth and lovely sweetness that lingered. BTW, the Oolong tea do plays an important role in keeping fit and loosing weight.

8:30p.m.: Herbal Tea

When I am going to have small rest, like reading book or chatting with my girl friends, I enjoy sipping cuppa of crisp herbal tea in the meanwhile. The subtle aroma always make me feel relax and tranquil, aren’t you?

Why I prefer brewing with infuser teapot set?

From time to time, I even try to brew more various tea in a day, especially with my infuser teapot set. Because brewing a cup of beloved tea on my own can bring me lots of funny! It’s not only useful for filtering the tea leaves, but also help to save time since its large capacity.

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