DHPO HOT SELLING Manual Grinder in Canton Tower Shape

Bearing the Development of Human Civilization with Artifacts — DHPO HOT SELLING Manual Grinder in Canton Tower Shape

Today, I would like to introduce a DHPO hot selling manual grinder in Canton Tower shape to you! Initially, let’s see what’s the grinder like!

HOT SELLING Manual Grinder

Buying a grinder, you will get a coffee maker in a very beautiful Canton Tower shape. In Guangdong Province, Canton Tower is a landscape of Guangzhou as the Oriental Pearl Tower of Shanghai. Everynight from 7:00 to 10:00, the Canton Tower will flash colorfully. And our manual grinder also has several colors. HOT SELLING Manual GrinderHOT SELLING Manual GrinderHOT SELLING Manual Grinder Seven colors are available! Immediately pick up one you like for youself or present, or selling in your shop. 7 colors available, so for wholesale or retail, you could have more color options for your clients. I do believe it can be sold out soon! If you don’t believe, let’s see more details.HOT SELLING Manual Grinder

Product advantages:

Professional & Mini-Pure steel burr is processed by 6-axis CNC. All-aluminum outer body, internal structure is stainless steel. Double bearing central axis positioning, uniform grinding.

12clicks range of grind settings— DHPO HOT SELLING Manual Grinder has a scale adjustment design, so you can adjust the scale according to your own grinding needs to meet the desired taste (from super coarse to fine) for Espresso, French Press Coffee.

Self-locking and foldable-DHPO HOT SELLING Manual Grinder adopts a folding structure design, self-locking and foldable. So, it is easy to carry and store. You can be place it in a handbag or backpack, allowing you to enjoy a cup of hand-ground coffee during the journey.

Non-slip and easy-the matte black design provides excellent non-slip performance for the coffee manual grinder, and adopts an ergonomic and comfortable design to make grinding easier, saving time and energy. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy the time of grinding coffee.

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So how to use it?

HOT SELLING Manual Grinder

If you are a coffee lover, how can you get without a elegant DHPO HOT SELLING Manual Grinder? It can fit any set of your coffee maker!

HOT SELLING Manual GrinderHOT SELLING Manual Grinder

This is the end of our manual grinder. So, if you have even a little interest, just contact us to know more about it, you will get fond of it fastly! Let’s expect more DHPO new products!