DHPO New Design Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Bearing the Development of Human Civilization with Artifacts — DHPO New Design Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Today, we would like to introduce a new design cold brew coffee maker to you guys! Are you ready for it? Let’s see what’s it like.

Are you familiar with the ceramic pot? Yes! It is a pot brewing tea or a pot brewing hot coffee, and now  it can be used to make cold brew coffee! If you have a pot like this, you may buy more a wooden stand, a drpper, or a tea infuser. Thus you can enjoy three kinds of drinks. So multifunctional it is! Let’s see more information.

Product Advantages:

  • Brews low acid coffee concentrates to prepare hot or cold coffee.

  • Compact size takes up less space on countertops and in refrigerators.

  • Rainmaker evenly distributes water over coffee grounds.

  • Lid keeps coffee maker covered and protected while brewing.

  • Two materials options:glass and ceramic.

  • 8 colors options :Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Transparent.

  • Adjustable valve: control dripping speed precisely.

  • Black matte 304 stainless steel body:luxury and durable design.

  • Unique spout design:smooth water flow.

  • Original wooden handle and lid design:natural and eco-friendly.

  • You can click here to know more information.

After knowing the specific message, let’s know how to use it!

 I hear that ice brew coffee is 20% caffeine lower than the coffee brewed in common way. So if you are a coffee lover, but you are sensitive to caffeine, you can try to brew a cup of ice coffee. Actually, I like ice coffee, for it is bitter less than the hot one.

We have seven colors available which you can pick up freely for yourself, present or selling in your shop. It is packed in a very decent black box with sponge. So it’s wise for your choice.

This is the end of our cold brew coffee maker. Let’s expect more DHPO new products!