DHPO HOT SELLING glass french press with stainless steel outframe

Bearing the Development of Human Civilization with Artifacts — DHPO HOT SELLING glass french press with stainless steel outframe

Picture it in your mind — In a clear Saturday morning, right ending up one week’s working, when you wake up at your bed, you feel good in the morning and try to brew something for yourself, Especially by hand. However, you may only have the electric coffee equipment or none, not the manual one, and you get unsatisfied and disappointed. Thus, you lose the drive to get up. Why can’t you brew a cup of coffee completely by hand? Because you don’t have a glass french press! Let’s see what’s our french press like!

You will feel happiness when you use it, for it appears noble and luxurious and you will feel it gets increasingly beautiful after times of using. Moreover, this french press is functional and practical. Let’s see more details.

Product Advantages

Quality standard

High-end Branded Quality




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Coffee french press Cafetiere


Gift box


Simplicity but luxury




Ceramic pot,Wood,304 stainless steel infuser


scandinavian minimalism style


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Anti-scald Wooden handle with timer: Wooden handle offers comfortable grip. It’s natural and eco-friendly. Matched with 4-minute hourglass timer, it’s convenient and it can remind you of the best right time to taste the coffee. It’s viewable and funny.

EASY TO CLEAN DUAL FILTER. Make better tasting coffee with a DHPO glass coffee press! It has double screen 304 stainless steel filters that bring the delicious flavors and natural oils into your coffee while sealing the grounds in place so no residue will go into your brew. With our coffee french press, it’s easy to make a richer and cleaner cup! Super easy to use and easy to clean.

BEST CHOICE FOR GREAT GIFT. Are you looking for an original and useful gift ? DHPO teapot pack with a high class gift box, it is practical, beautiful and high-class. It is always a good idea and cost-effective choice.

DRINK HEALTH. DHPO coffee press can pass the Europe and USA food safe standard, DHPO let you rest assured to use and protect your health.

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Everyone wants a comfortable and satisfying Saturday. It is a truth that good coffee will make you happy, especially for the coffee lovers! So Enjoying the masterpiece by yourself must be your routine work. Let’s learn how to use it!

And we have seven colors available which you can choose freely for yourself, present or selling in your shop.

We pack it in a very decent way!

This is the end of our glass french press. Let’s expect more DHPO new products!