DHPO HOT SELLING Ceramic French Press with 304 SLS Plunger

Bearing the development of human civilization with artifacts — DHPO HOT SELLING Ceramic French Press with 304 SLS Plunger

Today, I would like to introduce a fantastic ceramic french press which is very fashionable and popular in the world! So let’s see what it looks like.

I like this design so much! Number seven handle is a very good one for pouring and extremely comfortable when holding in hand. The perfect combination of the ceramic and wooden make you feel so harmonized and enjoyable in a certain afernoon. It will give you the energy, the power and something wonderful as the star. You like the coffee, and you will also like the french press!

This is our products concept, and we really do it on the way. Now we only have six colors(exclude white) available which you can pick up any one freely.

After knowing the basic information of it, you must be long for the detailed message and how to use it.

So what is the advantages of the products? Why are they so special?

1. High-end quality materials: high-fired ceramic body pot, wooden lid, easy to disassemble and clean, dripless spout.

2. Food grade 304 stainless steel filter: easy to disassemble and clean.

3. Colors and graphic design customization available.

4. 6 colors for you to choose:black, yellow, blue, red, grey, green.

5. Meticulous design. Exquisite bottom, ergonomically comfortable handle, and water-well-control  spout designs give you a copmletely new experience!

6. Ceramic material is a good material for keeping the heat from escaping, so the coffee can hold the temperature longer than in glass or stainless steel one.

We pack it in a black kraft box with sponge so that it can’t be broken during shipping. And this box appears high end that you don’t need to buy another one for gift box. It is enough for presenting and selling!

Let’s expect more DHPO product!