Important things you need to know about DHPO French Press coffee brewers

French Presses come in a variety of sizes and materials. Here’s what to look for in DHPO French Press coffee brewers:

Ceramic French Presses. A ceramic French Press is a strong, yet attractive alternative to stainless steel or glass devices. They offer the warming capabilities and sturdiness of a stainless steel device combined with the design benefits of being able to choose different colors and styles. Moreover, durable ceramic French press gives a very trustworthy sense of luxury.

DHPO French Press coffee brewers

Glass French Presses. Glass carafes are gorgeous because you can watch the coffee brew and see the grounds go down as you plunge. They are more fragile. So you should get one that’s made out of borosilicate glass to avoid thermal shock and breakage. And on the outside, a stainless steel frame could keep it safer.

DHPO French Press coffee brewers

Stainless Steel French Presses. A double-walled design is key for stainless steel French Presses. Two walls will help keep the heat in and make for a better brew. You should also check for the quality of the stainless steel. It is 18/8 and 18/10 ratios of chromium to nickel are best.  Stainless steel carafes are more durable, but you miss out on the fun visual element of glass French Presses.

DHPO French Press coffee brewers

Plunger and handle design. The plunger keeps the grounds out of your cup of Joe. And the handle helps you keep the carafe steady as you push the plunger down. It’s also key for pouring coffee into your cup. Most plungers have multiple metal screens to keep the grounds out of your coffee. Including a large steel screen and a finer mesh screen to catch tinier particles. At DHPO, we have different kinds of handles. For example, ceramic handle, wooden handle, wooden handle with timer and half ceramic half wooden handle.


After knowing inportant things about DHPO French Press coffee brewers, hope this could help you to select  French press!