Ceramic V60 dripper size 2 or Resin dripper or Copper dripper?

V60 Coffee Dripper is the world-renowned coffeeware , the V60 has a conical shape for deeper layering of the coffee grounds, producing a rich umami flavor. With the rise of pour-over coffee lovers, there is one question that has become more controversial. Which one is more popular, Ceramic V60 dripper size 2 or Resin dripper or Copper dripper?

Let’s read some history about dripper before we pick Ceramic V60 dripper size 2 or Resin V60 dripper or Copper dripper.

Before the appearance of filter cups, people basically used flannel filter cloth to filter coffee when making drip coffee, which is not only easy to brew unevenly, but also difficult to clean. Until later, a woman named Melitta Bentz from Germany used her wisdom as a housewife to invent the first hand-washing filter cup, and also applied for a patent, named after her Melitta. The influence of her invention on coffee continues to this day, and later various drippers came into being.

From the common materials of the dripper, it is divided into ceramic, resin and copper. Let’s take a look at the most prominent advantages of drippers of each material.

Ceramic dripper. It can maintain a high temperature for a long time and has good thermal insulation performance. (Tips: Pls preheat it in advance)  P1 is DHPO Ceramic V60 dripper size 2.

Ceramic V60 dripper size 2Resin dripper. It is more economical, and it is resistant to falling and high temperature, and it is more convenient to carry. P2 is Hario plastic dripper size 2.

Hario plastic dripper size 2

Copper dripper. It is very textured in appearance and also has a good thermal insulation effect and excellent thermal conductivity, (It has a fatal disadvantage that it is easy to rust and requires careful maintenance) P3 is Hario Copper dripepr.

Copper dripper
Don’t rush to choose, there is a very important factor to consider, that is the number of holes.

The number of holes is divided into single hole, double holes, triple holes.

Single-hole dripper. Generally used for coffee beans with medium roasting degree. The single large hole provides the ultimate freedom-pour the water quickly for a light flavor or slowly if you like your coffee rich. Such as Hario V60 plastic dripper or DHPO Ceramic V60 dripper size 2.

v60 ceramic drippers

Double holes dripper. Generally used for the brewing of light roasted to medium roasted coffee beans.

double-hole dripper

Three-hole driper. Basically does not pick the roasting degree of coffee beans, so industry insiders call it  “universal filter cup” .

Three-hole dripper

As for what kind of dripper to choose, you can choose according to your own brewing habits and preferences.

According to some data from COFFEEWARE MARKETING research, ceramic drippers have strong sales potential. If you want to find a potential coffee maker to expand sales, please contact DHPO’s sales team, become our agent, and enjoy more discounts!


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