How to Use A Ceramic Teapot to Brew A Perfect Cuppa?

How to Use A Ceramic Teapot to Brew A Perfect Cuppa

Teapots are available in materials ranging from nearly indestructible cast iron to delicate and fragile glass or ceramic, but ceramic teapot is the best for brewing large- and small-leaf or herbal tea. Moreover, high-fired ceramic perfectly withstands high temperatures, serves for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance. So how to use a ceramic teapot to brew a perfect cuppa?












Start with fresh, cold water. While it may seem more efficient to begin with hot water, hot water has lost many of its gases and will leave the tea tasting flat. Fill an empty kettle with cold running water and bring to a rolling boil.

Pre-heat the teapot by filling it with hot water. Pre-heating the teapot will keep the water hot longer and yield a better brew.

As the water approaches the proper temperature for brewing your tea, empty the teapot and add the appropriate measure of tea leaves for your size pot.

You may use tea bags, or loose tea. If you are a loose tea lover, it’s better for you to have a teapot with built in strainer of sufficient quality.

Do not allow the water in the kettle to boil for long as gases will be lost. Use the water as it just reaches the boiling stage. Add the hot water, boiling or just under boiling depending on the tea you are brewing, to the teapot. Allow the tea to infuse for the recommended time, depending on the kind of tea you are brewing, usually 3 to 5 minutes.

Leaving the tea to brew too long will result in a bitter tea. Instead, if you prefer strong tea, add more tea. Or, if you prefer a second cup, prepare a second brewing.

During brewing, swirl, shake, or stir the pot once or twice to blend and circulate the infusion. Let the leaves settle before pouring.

When the tea has brewed the required time and is ready to pour, you should pour all the tea immediately. Do not allow the tea to continue to steep, as it will get bitter. If you have prepared enough for a second cup, pour the tea into a separate heated pot.

If you prefer a stronger tea, you should add more tea rather than steeping longer. You cannot judge the strength of the tea by its color, as many teas are pale in color when properly brewed. You now have a perfect cup of tea, ready for drinking. You can add milk, sugar, honey, lemon, or whatever flavorings you prefer now and enjoy.

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