Innovative and Aspiring Ceramic Manufacturer

Ceramic Manufacturer

We are innovative and aspiring ceramic manufacturer!!

Why do I say that?

Have you ever found a manufacturer holding a marketing and product research meeting weekly? Or have you ever found a manufacturer having their own design team that can offer 3D modeling and 3D printing services? Or have you ever found a manufacturer launching new products quarterly? Proud to say, we do.

Established in 1992, we have 25 years experience specializing in making ceramic products.  In 2001, we set up our sales office in Guangzhou. Since then, we devote ourselves to developing and mamufacturing high quality ceramic drinkware.

In order to exploit market demand in advance and match recent people need, we keep up with the times and take the initiative to catch the modern fashion element, holding marketing and product research meeting and discussing together.

We collected all the information and suggestions and then put into reality. Every new item needs to go through many times of discussions and modifications. We embrace the concept “More is less”. So when we are developing our new items, we will ensure that every element we add has their own function. We aim to make every product that we launch truly help people lead a easier and healthier drinking life.

What’s more, we have more than 10 professional masters and a large quantity of skillful workers. Their professional industry knowledge can help us solve difficulties in developing technology-oriented products for our clients and for our own designs. And their valuable working experience can help us avoid potentially unnecessary waste during mass production and keep production on track.

DHPO, to be your next realiable supplier.

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