Adaptable Hot and Cold—— Ceramic Double Wall Mug

Ceramic Double Wall Mug

Let our Cheers ceramic double wall mug warm your hand and caress your heart!

In such a cold and solitary winter, can a hot drink make you feel better and enjoy a bit of your leisure time from your busy work or life?

I love winter and drinking a cup of hot coffee or tea in a cold weather, it will relax me and it’s just like injected a strong and warm energy into my freezing body. Holding cute mug, drinking hot coffee, breathing white fog, don’t you think that is a lovely and delighted moment?

But sometimes, I will also meet some trouble.

That is…

The cup is too hot to hold, especially after you’ve held it for a while and there is no lid on it, and can’t be taken out.

And in order to offer a good solution for a large number of hot-drink lover, we launch our ceramic  double wall mug.

The greatest benefit of ceramic double wall mug is that it will halve heat, so as the cold drinks, it can achieve appropriate temperature and give you a desired sense of touch.

But there are so many ceramic  double wall mugs in the market now, why choose us?

  1. Comfortable holding feel, provide you with an easeful use experience

Outstanding hand-held design,easy and comfortable to hold.


  1. Pure and fresh decal paper, reflesh your mind

Catering to the theme of spring, we put forward some comely decal style. Of course you can also have your own design.


  1. Replaceable accessories, meet your different needs

We offer two type of lid, including ceramic and silicone one, which can use both in home and outside.


I am sure that a cute and useful mug will add a vibrant color to your life.

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ceramic double wall mug