Do You Know the Most Hot-selling Coffee Wares at Present Market?

Ceramic Coffee Wares

Nowadays, coffee is indispensable for people’s daily life and there are more and more ceramic coffee wares. In fact, coffee has a third market share in the beverage market around world. In order to facilitate the people’s daily needs of coffee, there are more and more different designs of coffee wares continued to be born. As a result, traditional coffee wares have gradually been improved and eliminated. And the new generation of coffee wares have satisfied people’s pursuit and using-habits. So which coffeeware are the best sellers?

If you say the best sellers are the traditional Syphon, drop pot, Belgian pot and so on, you are out! Because these can’t satisfy people’s requirements like convenience, speed and nice design for the coffeeware. Now, the coffee wares in ceramic material can solve the above problems. They are not only beautiful, but also can be customized. They can be achieve the effect that you want. Besides, it will be convenient for home and office use. As a professional ceramic manufacturer, let me introduce some of the most popular coffee ware in the current market.

1. Ceramic/Porcelain Coffee french press

1)Crafted for quick brewing a pot of fresh coffee. Well-designed components all contribute to help users easily make their favorite coffee.

Ceramic Coffee Wares

2)Fashionable appearance. Firstly, they are modern designs and can be matched with fashionable accessories, such as the rose gold knob. Secondly, you can customize your favorite colors and printings on them and make it exclusive. No matter where you put them, they can easily blend in and add splendor to it.

3)The new 304 stainless steel infuser will be match with a Edible silicone filter which is both beautiful and practical. Because it will prevent the inside wall from scraping.

2. Ceramic/Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Dripper

3. Ceramic/Porcelain coffee grinder

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