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Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

08 Apr 2023

At 10:30 in the morning, our team drove to the hotel to meet the customer Eran from Israel. On the way, I communicated with Eran in advance about when we would arrive at the hotel so that he could prepare in advance. We arrived at the hotel destination in about 20 minutes. When we entered the revolving door in the lobby, I saw the customer standing in the middle of the lobby waiting for us, and we could feel his good mood from his eyes.

On the way back to the company, we talked and laughed like friends who hadn't seen each other for many years. We learned that Eran was in the suit business ten years ago. He had factories in Yunnan, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and South Africa. He established a state-owned enterprise in London. The suits were sold in the United States and the United Kingdom. He's a successful businessman.

Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

However, he rarely sees his children when he's away all year round, so he gave up his previous business and went back to Israel. We feel he is a good father and cares a lot for his family.

In 2016, he started his new business - high-end coffee bean industry. In 2020, he wanted to sell coffee beans and coffee ware together. He set up an office in the United States and headquartered it in Israel. Eran discovered business opportunities in the coffee industry during the 3 years of the epidemic; about 40% of coffee shops have closed down. More consumers are used to brewing coffee at home, which has led to an increase in market demand for pour-over coffee wares. Therefore, Eran wants to expand his specialty coffee ware business and sell coffee wares with their brand coffee beans together.

After 20 minutes, we returned to the company. When we got out of the elevator, our colleagues had already lined up to warmly welcome our customer Eran, who felt very surprised and moved. We brought him to Puyan's office.

Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

We prepared a set of pour-over coffee set for him to make coffee and experience our products personally. In the coffee set was a new manual grinder with a leather sleeve. Eran said: "He tested a sample of the Canton Tower grinder before, and its quality is amazing! This new manual grinder with leather sleeve feels better in use than the Canton Tower grinder. This grinder can meet various coffee brewing needs. Israelis prefer a stronger coffee taste so they need to grind very fine powder which requires very high quality of grinder."

After trying out the manual grinder, Eran brewed coffee with Moka Pot and highly commended it as a premium coffee maker. He told us this Moka pot has been on sale in Israel for a period of time and has received a lot of praise from customers. It is a coffee set that is very suitable for use on an induction cooker.

Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

During communication with Eran, we felt that he was very confident in DHPO products. He clearly told us that he had a very important thing to do when he came from Israel this time: to obtain DHPO's exclusive agency authorization certificate. Eran expressed his idea of long-term cooperation with us wanting to be an exclusive agent in Israel and shared his sales channels and development plans with us. After our in-depth communication, we also believed that Eran is a reliable partner and finally reached an agreement to sell DHPO products in Israel.

Now we find that more and more customers like our product design and recognize our brand culture very much. We will always adhere to our original intention of providing consumers with high-quality products and services with an altruistic heart following our corporate mission.

We are very grateful to Eran for arranging this special visit and supporting us. We believe that in the near future we will be able to help Eran expand his coffee kingdom business in Israel!

Sell high-end artisan aesthetic specialty coffee equipment in Israel

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Originally published 08 Apr 2023, updated 08 Apr 2023.

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