Best Porcelain Tea for Two Set for Brewing Tea Time

For tea lovers, sipping a cup of tea in leisure time is their best tea time! If you say that you do love the infuser teapot set, this ceramic tea for two set can be of your great choice.

When I saw this new design tea for two set, I couldn’t help falling in love in it! Unlike the common ones displaying in the supermarket, it combines quite uniquely merits as shown below:

tea for two set

Merits of Tea for Two Set

  1. This tea for two set with infuser pours your tea without spilling thanks to its special spout design. When pouring the tea, the long and straight handle can let the water flowing more smoothly and quickly. Besides, it comes with non-drip spout, which can help you save each drop of tea in your cup!
  2. An extra-fine SLS strainer always can filter even more smaller tea leaves away! After the tea get expand comfortablyand gain deeper color in teapot, you can remove the infuser and enjoy Since the infuser is larger enough, it can allow for full and complete infusion of your tea!
  3. Stackable design looks more elegant and artistic. Furthermore, it is not only save the space but also convenient for serving one or two friends.
  4. Multi-functional pastries tray for serving guests. Its round tray can use for serving the small biscuit and sugar for kids and keeping tidy at home or your office.

As for the care instruction, we recommend gently rinsing it out after use with some soapy water. But never use harsh metallic scouring pads or other metal spoons. If such a perfect tea for two set are broke or scratched, it must be a horrible tragedy for each tea lover!

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