Bearing the development of human civilization with artifacts-DHPO multifuntional coffee mug

 DHPO,Bearing the development of human civilization with artifacts

That must be Van Gogh’s sunflower there, where all the people are crowded around.

Sunflower is a kind of beautiful flower which has golden color and a round face. It looks like the sun, that is why people call it sunflower. It looks like a warm smile, when you look at it, its smile can bring warm to people.

The sunflower symbolizes firmness and strength. The world of nature is changing every day. However, Sunflower follows the sun as their goal and never change.

In the age of information explosion, things are changing so fast. DHPO just like a sunflower, always firm in its goals: bearing the development of human civilization with artifacts.

DHPO Coffee Mug Advantages :

1.Mutifuntional:Not only can brew tea but also can brew coffee.When you brew tea,just put infuser in mug,and when you wan to brew coffee,just take away the infuser.

2.New design – Simplicity but luxurious matte black/ glossy white ceramic finish.Very cool with the bamboo handle,it is large enough and very comfortable to hold.Unbreakable bamboo lid can be a biscuit holder.

3.Natural – Mug is made of durable ceramic,it is eco-friendly and the best choice to keep the flavor authentic,it neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving beverages to taste just as it should be.

4.Food safety – Food-grade safe glazing ensure your favorite beverages retain flavor and resists odors, staining.It’s safety for drinking. It’s perfect for coffee,tea, cappuccino, milk,and so on

5.Good idea for Gift – Packed with Gift Box, the ceramic mug from DHPO is always a good idea for gift for Family,friends, and the people you love.
Guarantee – DHPO offer Quality Assurance.Contact us to get the quick customer service support.

6.Mental garsket:can help you design your logo.(MOQ:1000 pcs)

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How to use it?

Drink a cup of tea with 3 sunflowers tea mug, enjoys a moment of peace.