Advantages of DHPO Zen On the Go Mug

Today I would like to introduce our DHPO Zen on the go mug to you.

on the go mug

This Zen mug features double wall construction with black matte finish and comes with an attached lid.

Its advantages are as below:

KEEPS BEVERAGES WARM FOR YOUR COMMUTE. This Zen On-the-Go travel mug with stainless steel infuser is perfect for men and women. It is the best way to ensure your coffee or tea stays hot the entire drive to work.

EXTRA-FINE STAINLESS STEAL STRAINER. Generally, in the perfect tea there are no leaves or small particles floating. So that you can really enjoy the drink. The leaves should give away their taste, aroma and color and do not get into the cup. Our teapot with infuser and strainer always brews only perfect drinks. Therefore, there will be only flavorous freshly brewed tea in your cup and nothing more.

TIGHT FITTING LIDS PREVENTS SPILLS AND ACCIDENTS. Whether commuting or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at home, this convenient novelty drink mug is ideal for expressing your aesthetic taste.

DOUBLE WALLED CONSTRUCTION FOR INSULATION. It can keep drinks hot or cold for longer than regular mugs and cups while staying comfortable in your hand. Moreover, ceramic is naturally BPA free and the environmentally friendly gift choice for your mother or sister.

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