800ML Ceramic Tea Pot Set with Wooden Lid and Handle

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DHPO HOT SELLING 2021 800ML Ceramic Tea Pot Set with Wooden Lid and Handle

Are you still lost in choosing a suitable container to brew a pot of fresh tea? Choosing generally is a difficult work and it will entangle you and twist your intricate mind. So today I would like to introduce a very simple but luxurious,  good looking and pretty preferential 800ML ceramic tea pot set for you.

Let’s see true feature of it first!800ML Ceramic Tea Pot800ML Ceramic Tea Pot

It has a good appearance, right? Actually, this is just one of the good advantages of it. Let’s see the rest~

800ML Ceramic Tea Pot

Product Advantages:

BEST TEAPOTS ARE CERAMIC! Firstly, DHPO 800ML ceramic tea pot is made of ceramic material. Because this material is the best for brewing large- and small-leaf or herbal tea. Moreover, high-fired ceramic perfectly withstands high temperatures. So it can serve for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance.

EXTRA-FINE LONG INFUSER. This 800ML ceramic tea pot matches with long infuser which  makes sure you can still brew the tea with less water inside the teapot. Use infuser teapot to brew tea leaves (small and large) or sachets. You can adjust the tea intensity individually by the amount of leaves in a teapot, but also by the duration of brewing (simply pull out the mesh with tea leaves from the kettle when the color and aroma of the drink are sufficiently intense).

CONCISE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN. Coming with wooden lid and handle, our 800ML ceramic tea pot gives you fabulous experience for taking quiet break from hectic modern lifestyles and just enjoying a tea moment to yourself.

DIFFERENT CAPACITY. DHPO teapot is of 8000ml volume. You can brew immediately 4-6 cups of perfect tea – it is convenient for a large family or for often coming guests, for office, cafe or restaurant. A stylish and high-quality large teapot is the best gift for the holidays for friends and relatives.

METICULOUS DESIGNS. Exquisite bottom, ergonomically comfortable handle, and water-well-control  spout designs give you a copmletely new experience!

Knowing the merits, let’s know more about how to use it!

800ML Ceramic Tea Pot800ML Ceramic Tea Pot

And we have two sets– teapot with two cups, teapot with four cups– for your choosing.  If you use it individually, it is suitable for you to choose a teapot with two cups, 600ml is enough for your dalily usage. If it is for big family, teapot with four cups is much more suitable! 800ML Ceramic Tea Pot800ML Ceramic Tea Pot

So easy to brew a pot of tasted tea from you get a brewing tools like this! We have seven colors available, and it’s packed in an extremely decent way, so pick up them for yourself or your beloved immediately! Buying is a wonderful way to entertain yourself and sending gift is also an excellent way to express your true feelings to your beloved! Act Right Now! 800ML Ceramic Tea Pot