DHPO HOT SELLING Deluxe 304 SLS Infuser ceramic tea pots

Bearing the Development of Human Civilization with Artifacts —DHPO HOT SELLING Deluxe Tea Pots with 304 SLS Infuser

Today, I would like to introduce a DHPO hot selling deluxe 304 SLS Infuser ceramic tea pots with you. You must be so thirsty to know it, righy? Let’s see its true feature first!

ceramic tea pots

So luxurious it is! The combination of the classic and modern aesthetic flood it with much elegance. I dare to say, ceramic has magic to make all the common objects flash with the special design.

ceramic tea potsceramic tea pots

Seven colors are for more choices. You can pick up any colors freely as you like. ceramic tea potsceramic tea potsIt is a good choice for individual using, present or selling in your shop. For not only the material and the quality are good, but the design is meticulous and high-end.

ceramic tea potsceramic tea potsceramic tea pots

Products Advantages:

BEST TEAPOTS ARE CERAMIC! Firstly, DHPO Trapezoid brewing 304 SLS Infuser ceramic tea pots is made of ceramic material. Because this material is the best for brewing large- and small-leaf or herbal tea. Moreover, high-fired ceramic perfectly withstands high temperatures. So it can serve for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance.

EXTRA-FINE LONG INFUSER. Match with long infuser to make sure you can still brew the tea with less water inside the teapot. Use infuser teapot to brew tea leaves (small and large) or sachets. You can adjust the tea intensity individually by the amount of leaves in a teapot, but also by the duration of brewing (simply pull out the mesh with tea leaves from the kettle when the color and aroma of the drink are sufficiently intense).

CONCISE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN. Coming with wooden lid, our Trapezoid brewing 304 SLS Infuser ceramic tea pots gives you fabulous experience for taking quiet break from hectic modern lifestyles and just enjoying a tea moment to yourself.

DIFFERENT CAPACITY. DHPO teapot is of 800ml volume. You can brew immediately 4-6 cups of perfect tea – it is convenient for a large family or for often coming guests, for office, cafe or restaurant. A stylish and high-quality large teapot is the best gift for the holidays for friends and relatives.

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ceramic tea pots

We pack it in such a black kraft box with sponge. It is high-end for present, thus, you don’t need to buy another gift box to pack it. Futhermore, thick black sponge give it a extremely safe environment that it will never get broken during the shipping.

This is the end of tea pot introduction. Let’s expect more DHPO new products!